Welcome to the Wiarton Keppel International Airport

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The Main Terminal Building:
The airport was built by the Federal Government in 1948 as an emergency field on the Toronto/Winnipeg corridor. It was maintained and staffed by Ottawa until 1996 when the airport was handed over to the local municipalities. In June 2015, sole ownership of the airport was obtained by the Municipality of Georgian Bluffs. The Terminal building is classic Governmental institution, but we are gradually making changes to make the place more flyer friendly.

The Lobby:
Upon entering our airport, you will find yourself in the lobby. To your left are the Men's and Ladies' washrooms; to your right our Eileen Vollick Memorial Wall the courtesy computer, and a small seating area. The stairs that lead to to the Pilots' Lounge and facilities are on your left, just past the washrooms. There is a keurig machine for your use on the table. Before you leave, don't forget to sign the registry and pick up some pamphlets about our area!

AV Gas:
The Wiarton Keppel International Airport stocks both 100LL and Jet 'A' for your refueling needs.
Our friendly staff is on-hand to fill your tanks and assist you with any other petroleum products (Aeroshell W15W50; Aeroshell W80; Aeroshell W100) you may require!
cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard and Multi-Service accepted.

Courtesy Vehicles:
The Courtesy Van is a Pontiac Montana that can comfortably hold up to 7 people. Short day trips are perferred - see management for reservations.
We also have a selection of courtesy bicycles if you wish to cycle around town.

Alternately, there are many friendly taxi drivers (contact info in the lobby) minutes away from the airport ready to transport you to your destination!

Pilots' Lounge, Washroom & Shower:
Tired after a long flight or waiting for the weather to clear? With all the comforts of home, our pilots' lounge is the place for you! Try out the new couch (generously donated by Carol and Brian Porter), watch a movie,
read, or just daydream!
Ajacent to the lounge is a private washroom complete with shower for your exclusive use as well.

Courtesy Computer:
Need to file a flight plan or check the weather before you take off?
No problem - pop into the terminal building and use the courtesy computer in the lobby!

*available soon* Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own device, we offer free wi-fi for pilots and crew.... just ask at the front desk for the password!

Wiarton Keppel Intl. Airport:
519-534-0140 (after hours, click here)
frequency: 122.2mhz
VOR: 117.7
location: N44 44 39    W81 06 31
elevation: 728' ASL

  05-23 - 5033'x150' asphalt
  11-29 - 3456'x100' gravel

on-site features:
  - AV Gas ($1.76/L)
  - Jet "A" ($1.31/L)
  - Restaurant (Cocoa Vanilla)
  - courtesy van & bicycles
  - free Wi-Fi (see front desk)
  - snacks & beverages
  - pilots' lounge
  - pilots' washroom & shower
  - overnight tie-downs (see front desk)
  - Customs/Port of Entry (call ahead)
  - Eileen Vollick memorial wall
  - weather office
  - Bruce Peninsula Transit Co.
  - Lisa Hurst, RMT

local aviation services:
  - Guy Dohery, AME
  - Great Lakes Helicopters
  - Owen Sound Flight Services
  - Tobermory Air Tours

our area:
  - Georgian Bluffs
  - Explore the Bruce
  - Visit Grey

WKIA is a member of:
  - CAGO
  - COPA National
  - NBAA